Our Story

VISUALSILICON™ provides best in class Technical Customer Support and Bug Fixing services to small tech and software teams within both start-ups and big organisations.

With many years of experience our past and present projects span various industries including:

  • Defence

  • Aerospace

  • Semiconductors

  • CAD, VFX, VR, Gaming and Simulations

  • Content Authoring and Software Development Tools​

Some of the projects over the past decade include:

  • A world class cross-platform VFX/Film Production 3D software based on Qt and OpenGL running on High-DPI / 4K and Retina screens

  • An original Android-powered System-on-Chip (SoC) created by the Indian Defence R&D Department

  • Airbus+Boeing mandated ARINC-based data security software used by major airlines across the world

  • Scripting sub-system within a brand new C++ AR/VR/Simulation Engine developed by a British startup which uses Microsoft's .NET runtime system

  • A Game authoring tool developed in Visual C++ / MFC...


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