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Case study

Sales support for Hardwario

About Hardwario

HARDWARIO designs and manufactures unique IoT devices from its base in the Czech Republic. For some time now, visualSilicon has been representing the company in the UK and across Western Europe, providing direct sales, operations and technical expertise from Cambridge, as well as acting as a physical presence in the UK.

Hardwario G3

Our challenge

Our work with HARDWARIO mainly involves handling post-sales support on-site with customers, as well as remote technical support. We are also assisting with sales, working on a project to expand the company’s business further.

“visualSilicon is proving to be an excellent partner, a team we can trust with our customers. They have the technical expertise required, as well as the ability to communicate effectively with customers - two skills that don’t always go together. The only way to grow our business is to ensure our customers receive the technical support they need, and they are in good hands with visualSilicon. As Ramin and his team get to know our company better, it’s exciting to look at ways to expand the business together.”

Alan Fabik
CEO and Co-founder, HARDWARIO

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