Our Services


Have a software or high-tech product and like to  find someone to help you with supporting your customers and fixing bugs in your software but not sure of hiring a new employee? Looking for someone reliable, techncially skilled and at an affordable cost? We are here to help your peace of mind.


Highly Technical Customer Support is much more than replying to emails.

We are skilled programmers who understand how complex code works.

Once we are through the onboarding stage, we will submit bug fixes to your repositories to be reviewed and merged by you, helping you improve your code, your product and your service while saving your time.


Our team members are specially skilled in:

  • GUI-heavy embedded, cross-platform and web applications

  • Customised Android (AOSP) systems and products

  • OpenGL-based engines for games, AR/VR

  • Interactive/animated GUIs using D3.js and SVG

  • CAD/Developer/Gaming tools, IDEs and Plug-ins


T: +44 7411 91 50 93

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