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Case study

A bespoke tool extension for Undo

About Undo

Growing company Undo is the inventor of leading software failure replay platforms, UDB and LiveRecorder. Its technology is used by engineering teams building complex systems around the world to resolve their software bugs faster.

Our challenge

Undo tasked visualSilicon with the creation of a VisualStudioCode Extension, to be used as the visual interface of their text-based reversible software debugging tool UDB Time Travel Debug for C/C++. The project initially focused on writing custom UI widgets that interact with the debug server. It then moved on to include the creation of custom patches and modifications to the internals of Microsoft’s open-source MIEngine and CPPtools projects.

“Using the services of visualSilicon, we were able to develop and publish the VisualStudioCode Extension much more quickly and cost effectively than if we had resourced the work in-house. The team had excellent knowledge of the VS Code and were able to work flexibly. They had the ability to scale resources as the task required and re-prioritise as issues emerged. I would certainly recommend visualSilicon.”

Jonathan Harris
VP Product, Undo

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